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CHAIN is open to anyone working in health and social care, in the public, voluntary, educational or private sector. Members who work for a private sector organisation must agree not to use CHAIN for commercial purposes.

Joining CHAIN will give you access to the CHAIN Directory, enabling you to find and communicate with other members of the network. Your own details will be added to the Directory, and other members may contact you from time to time. As a member of a mutual support network you should be willing to share your experience as appropriate.

Please complete the form below and click the 'Submit form' button at the bottom. All fields marked with '*' are mandatory.

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Ambulatory care Care of older people
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Hospital medicine Learning disabilities
Medical sciences Men's health
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Primary care Public health
Radiograph/imaging Social sciences
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  Cross-cutting Sub-groups
Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR)
Associate Principal Investigator Scheme
Special Interest Groups  
Associate PI Scheme Alumni
Associate PI Scheme PI Mentors & potential PI Mentors
Associate PI Scheme Study Teams'
Bereavement & Loss
Better Care Without Delays
Cancer Services and Support
Special Interest Groups  
I'm a Macmillan professional  
Benefits & other financial help
Cancer care pathways
Cancer information & support
Cancer research
End of life care in cancer
Ethical & spiritual issues
Learning & development
Outcome measures/audit in cancer
Out of hours care in cancer
Palliative care for cancer
Prescribing (medical and non-medical)
Physical environments of cancer care
Primary care & cancer
Rehabilitation for cancer patients
Strategy development
Symptom/pain management in cancer
Survivorship & living with cancer
Treatment & CAM in cancer
Care Homes/Residential Care
Clinical Audit
COVID-19 Rehabilitation
Domiciliary Care
Equality & Diversity
Special Interest Group

BME health & social care


Health Care Ethics
Health Economics
Health and Social Care of Homeless People
Health & Well-being
Special Interest Group
Addressing Vaccine Skepticism and Hesitancy
Cycling for Health & Wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing of Health and Social Care Workers

Mentoring & Coaching


Improving patients' experience
Networks & Networking
Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals in Clinical Academic Research
Special Interest Group
NIHR Advocates for Nurses, Midwives and AHPs in Clinical Academic Research
Human resources, organisational development and workforce planning, education & training of health & social care workforce
Integrated health & social care
Patient and public involvement
Patient Safety
Parkinson's Disease
Poverty and health
Primary Care Researchers in Scotland
Prison & Forensic Health
Published Researchers
Special Interest Groups  
Clinical trials  
Qualitative research
Systematic reviews
Quality Improvement
Special Interest Groups  
Clinical Microsystems     
Health Analysts         
Health Intelligence         
Healthcare Associated Infection)  
Research Ethics
Research Governance
Research into COVID-19
Self management of long-term conditions
Service improvement
Special Interest Group
Service improvement among allied health professionals
Social Care Research & Evaluation
Substance misuse & addiction
Special Interest Groups  
Drug/ Illicit Substance misuse    
Tobacco addiction/smoking       
Non-illicit substance misuse       
Non-substance related addictive behaviours  
Climate Change and Sustainability in health and social care
Special Interest Groups  
A.I. in healthcare
Applied Information Technology     
Bio-technical and adaptive Devices        
Computational neurology      
Futures in health & social care      
Immersive Technologies
Regenerative Medicine        
Telecare, telemedicine, teleconsulting  
The Use of social media       
Workplace Based Learning
Further details

Please tell us more about your work. Please give as much information as you can and complete as many sections as possible. This will help other CHAIN members carry out accurate, useful searches, and help us send you appropriate information.

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CHAIN directories can be accessed only by CHAIN members, and are password-protected. We will send you a password once we have edited and verified your details.
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