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learning & sharing event on e-learning

The recent CHAIN event held at Weetwood Hall Conference Centre, Leeds on 22-23 March attracted more than 110 participants for two days of learning, mutual support and sharing experience around the topic of e-learning in health and social care. The days were planned to explore the issues seen as critical to participants by bringing together CHAIN members and others with practical experience and academic interests in e-learning.

The Director of the NHSU Institute, Phil Candy, and the founder of CHAIN, David Evans, welcomed participants, and Bill Sang, Chair of North West Strategic Health Authorities E-learning Strategy Group introduced the keynote speakers, Prof. Steve Molyneux, Director of Learning Lab, and Dr Anne Wright, Consultant to DFES and to NHSU. In an entertaining opening talk, Professor Molyneux explored the potential and pitfalls of e-learning. Dr Wright then drew from her experience of e-learning at DfES to consider the potential value of an e-learning strategy to health and social care.

The majority of the remainder of the event comprised sessions facilitated by CHAIN members and others working in the field. A wide range of sessions considered different facets of e-learning, ranging from highly practical sessions on lessons learnt to theoretical critiques and analysis of the concepts which influence e-learning and the capacity of health and social care to make use of it. These sessions provided some excellent opportunities for learning to be shared and for networking to take place. Each participant was able to select 7 sessions which interested them from a 'menu' of 17 offered. In the tradition of CHAIN events, this meant that each individual had their own bespoke programme, tailored to match his or her interests and learning needs. Additionally, a 'Question Time' style panel discussion, Chaired by Phil Candy, was held during the afternoon of the second day. This provided all participants with an opportunity to put to key contributors questions arising over the two days.

Overall the event provided a valuable focal point for a currently hot topic in the NHS. Ideas were shared and alliances forged, and it was announced that a sub-group of CHAIN focusing on e-learning would be established. 8 participants declared their interest in facilitating this 'e-network on e-learning', which will be taken forward by CHAIN as soon as circumstances permit.

Keynote speakers
Introduction to education and training visions - Steve Molyneux
arrow Download presentation 10 MBAdobe Acrobat format

The national e-learning strategy for the NHS - Anne Wright
arrow Download presentation 190 KBAdobe Acrobat format
Group sessions

An e-learning solution for mandatory and statutory training requirements/ Application of e-learning solution to mandatory update training for nurses - Joyce Wells/Graeme Dixon
arrow Download presentation 984 KB Adobe Acrobat format

An interactive, evolving, case-study approach to e-learning - Jane Fisher/Peter Fothergill
arrow Download presentation 161 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Barriers to e-learning projects - Sue Childs
arrow Download presentation 596 KB Adobe Acrobat format
arrow Paper 49 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Blended learning: a recipe for empowerment - Jane Fitzpatrick/George Bailey
arrow Download presentation 323 KBAdobe Acrobat format

Developing e-learning solutions - Katherine Stalham
arrow Download presentation 90 KB Adobe Acrobat format

E-learning and assessment: experience with an course in primary care - Lewis Elton
arrow Download presentation 25 KB Adobe Acrobat format

E-learning champions development programme- James Bell
arrow Download presentation 506 KB Adobe Acrobat format

E-learning or e-teaching? What's the difference in practice? - Linda Price/Adrian Kirkwood
arrow Download presentation 113 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Engaging staff with e-learning - Neill Yeoman
arrow Download presentation 52 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Establishing an infrastructure to support e-learning - Val Brocki/ Kathryn Lamb
arrow Download presentation 240 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Experiences with online learning technology/How do we engage people with poor ICT skills in e-learning? - Nigel Steel/Steven Jewell
arrow Download presentation 172 KB Adobe Acrobat format
arrow Download presentation 2.28 MB Adobe Acrobat format

How nurses engage in online learning - Shalni Gulati
arrow Download presentation 193 KB Adobe Acrobat format
arrow Paper 71 KB Adobe Acrobat format

Implementing a VLE: reality, challenges and benefits - Angie Clarke
arrow Download presentation 3.71 MB Adobe Acrobat format

Online learning communities - Sarah Jones
arrow Download presentation 41 KB Adobe Acrobat format
arrow Paper

Take up rates to e-learning - motivating learners - Jace Peacock-Reid
arrow Download presentation 351 KB Adobe Acrobat format

What makes a good piece of e-learning - Alastair Thorn
arrow Download presentation 87 KB Adobe Acrobat format

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